What I learned by taking this test…Twice.

For many people taking the ICNHA Basic Henna Certification Exam is a way to show their commitment to safe henna practices and to test their knowledge on said practices. But what many do not realize is that this isn’t a quick or easy test. Over a seven-year period, the test has been taken 202 times with an average score of 90.5%. The test requires a 95% to pass or a 93% with 3 extra credit questions offered. Only 28% have passed out right and 20% have needed the extra credit. That still leaves a little over half of all people who make that attempt don’t pass.
So in an attempt to increase our pass rate here is a review from one of our recent member. Let her struggles be an inspiration to anyone wanting to further their henna commitment. (Used with permission from her Facebook post on the Henna Hub FB Group)

What I learned by taking this test…Twice.

By Dana Bellefeuille

It’s not easy. At least for me, the average henna artist with an average dyslexic brain, who has studied in depth everything in the files for a year and paid attention to every topic asked about and posted here in the hub.

Even if you have been doing this for a while. This is a challenge. The practice test is easy in comparison. I got easily frustrated and rushed the real test. I’ve read all parts of the files here (Henna Hub). Who needs the study guide? Ha ha. Yeah, that didn’t work so well. Guess what I didn’t pass.

There are many questions that you really need to think about. The wording can be confusing. Go slow. There are a few questions that repeat.

Here’s your first sign: you have 15 hours to take it. This will give you time to research.

THERE IS A STUDY GUIDE. I highly suggest you look into it in depth.

I went so far as to print off every possible thing I could from every possible page and I have an epic volume tabbed into categories. And I still missed important info that wasn’t in my printed and highlighted in my notes. I’m a see it touch it kinda person. Hands-on learning so I needed the paper file. I had at least 6 tabs on my computer up looking for more answers to make sure I was correct on top of that.

I read my printed volume over and over. Guess what? Even learned a few new things. Huh. Imagine that.

Took me about 3 hours going very slow and revisiting each question. Double checking.
I was overly serious and cautious on each question.

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