ICNHA Will Be Live At HennaCon 2017!

The ICNHA is thrilled to announce that we will be at Henna Con! For the first time ever the certification test will be available in person. We will also be hosting a study group where attendees will be able to ask questions about the test and the value of membership as well as learn about the most common mistakes people make on the exam.

The fee for taking the exam is $25. This fee is in addition to the Henna Con conference fee and paid separately via cash, PayPal or credit card. We will provide an opportunity to register and pay in advance in the next few weeks. You must score 95% correct on the 100 multiple choice question test to pass. After that, you will be asked for your recipe and three photos of your work. This is not to judge artistic merit but only to demonstrate you use natural henna paste. Membership to the ICNHA is granted to all who pass this certification process without any additional fee. Members are provided a listing on our website, a printable certificate, and a unique logo for web publications. As our organization grows we hope to provide even services that support our members.

Please visit http://www.hennacon.com/ for more information about Henna Con and ICNHA.org for more information about the ICNHA.

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