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Basic Henna Examination

The objective of this examination is to test and certify a henna artist’s understanding of the fundamental principles of henna, skin, hygiene, safety, culture, and traditions. If an artist knows these principles, the artist can more effectively serve a diverse clientele safely, effectively, and sensitively.

Note that you should read the terms of use before you take the exam.

At present, there is 1 main exam The Basic Certification Exam. There is also a choice of Extra Credit Exams that you can take to achieve an overall higher score.

The pass rate for the Basic Exam is set at 95%. Completing the exam does not mean you automatically pass and receive your certificate.  After passing the 100 question exam each person MUST send us at least 3 images of their current work and also state the ingredients and method used to mix and apply henna.

This second step will be reviewed by the examiner and may take a few days. Once she has received and accepted your entry you will be given the passcode to create your member profile. This must also be reviewed before publication.

Once you have completed and passed successfully all the steps ICNHA will email to you a personalized certificate and publish your member profile.


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