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Where can I learn to do henna?

Our certification is for those who already know how to mix and apply henna. We are not a school or instructional website for beginners to learn from. If you want to learn the art of henna then we suggest searching the Internet (there are many great and well-known sites dedicated to henna), visiting or Study Guide, or visiting a local henna artist in your area as asking if they will mentor you.

Is there a practice test I can take? What is the best time?

YES! We are please to offer a new practice exam and includes 25 actual exam questions! This will let you get a taste of what the real exam will be like. There are questions from all the Study Guide categories and its FREE! Click the link below to try it before you buy it. Please review the study guide thoroughly before taking the actual exam.

How do I pay for the exam?

At present, you can only pay for the ICNHA Examination by PayPal. Ready to purchase your login details and take the exam? You can make the payment here:

I paid the exam fee, now how do I login to the exam?

Once you have completed the checkout procedure you will be redirected to your user dashboard. Here you’ll find the certifications you are enrolled in and directs links to them. If you ever logout then simply click the “Log In” link in the header and you will be directed to your dashboard. Once login you can use the dashboard or go to the certification directly on the website.

I have passed the test, now what?

Once you have passed the exam follow the links at the bottom of the page to the next step or click “Recipe Review” under “Certification Outline” in the right sidebar. Note you must complete each step in order or you will not be able to proceed.

I did not pass the test, now what?

If you failed to pass the ICNHA Basic Examination there are 2 possible options. First, if you finished with a minimum of 92% you will be given the option of answering 3 extra credit questions in order to try and reach the minimum passing grade of 95%. If you fail with less then a 92% then you will have to wait 1 month and try again.

I’m eligible for extra credit. Where do I find it?

f you finished with a minimum of 92% you will be given the option of answering 3 extra credit questions in order to try and reach the minimum passing grade of 95%. These questions are not on our website and will be emailed to you by the Examiner (please allow 24 hours to get back to you). The email will ask you to choose a category for you extra credit and once your questions are sent you will then email your answers back to the Examiner. If you answer enough questions correctly to reach the 95% the Examiner will give you instructions for the remainder of the exam. If you do not answer enough correct extra credit questions then you must wait one month before trying to take the exam again.

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I did not pass, can I get a copy of the questions I missed?

The results of your exam are not available online for security reasons. but we can give you a summary of areas where you were weak in for further study. Visit our contact page and request the area’s you where weak in.

Who is grading the exam?

he exam is electronically graded for maximum impartiality. If you feel you did not receive the correct score then please contact the Examiner so they may review your results.

I did not pass the test, but I think I should have. Is there a way to dispute the results?

If you feel that the grade you received was in error please contact the ICNHA Examiner as soon as possible. They will review your test and determine if there were any errors or not.

Where does the money for the minimum donation go?

Our test requires a minimum donation of $40 of which is split between our incorporation fees, the services providing our website, domain, email, PayPal fee, and exam provider. If also provides fair compensation to the examiner and web administrator for their time and effort in providing this service. In the future, we hope to be able to provide professionally translated exams in multiple languages, laboratory testing on chemical cones, and more.


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