Exam Rules

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Examinations are held over a 15 hour period and a minimum donation of $40 of which part goes to the cost of running and maintaining our website, payment gateway fees, and fair compensation to those involved in running this organization. The rest of the fee goes into future lobbying for fair and better-controlled regulations for artist and suppliers, laboratory testing of shelf-stable cones, and paying the fees and lawyers necessary for incorporation.  There are no refunds on the exam donations.

Login information and an access link will be sent to you within 24 hours of purchase. This will be sent to the email address associated with your PayPal account. Please contact us if you need to make other arrangements.

You should make sure that you have enough time to sit and complete the exam in one single sitting. If you try and open a new browser window, or close the exam window whilst taking the exam you will get logged out of the exam and it will be counted automatically as a failer.

To complete the exam you must also send 3 pictures of your current work and your recipe on how you mix your henna. A score of at least 95% is required on the exam to pass. If you fail then you will be required to pay for the exam again and wait 1 month before being able to do so.

The International Certificate for Natural Henna Arts examination administrator only reviews the examination and checks your pictures and paste mix. The computer automatically grades the actual exams.

When you have passed the examination, you will receive an icon which you can post on your website and an electronically issued personalized certificate that you can print and carry with you or display at your worksite.

This will have your name and your certification number. Your name and certification number will also be posted on the list of certified artists on this site, so people can verify that the International Certificate for Natural Henna Arts has certified you.

To check your results you will need to contact us – Results will not be available online for security purposes and to protect the integrity of the test.

Under the terms of the ICNHA website you are not allowed to share answers, questions, or your login details with anyone else. ICNHA reserves the right to revoke certification or the ability to take any examination should users be found to be sharing details. Passing the question part of the exam does not entitle you to certification. You are also required to show that you have a knowledge of how to mix and apply henna.

All payments for the exam are non-refundable unless deemed otherwise by the board.


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