ICNHA Will Be At Polar Sling 2017

Hope all you who attend Henna Con 2017 had a great time. ICNHA hosted the first ever live exam. It was preceded by a study group and out of the 12 people who sat the exam 7 passed the written portion!

We’re also happy to say the paperwork for incorporation is almost complete. But when that happens the exam will go from $25 to $40. So if you’re still thinking about taking the online exam, start studying before the increase takes effect.

If you missed Henna Con but are going to Polar Sling then you’ll have another opportunity to take the exam live. Jen Schafer will once again be hosting a study session and in person exam testing during the conference. The cost will be $25 even if the online exam is raised to $40 before the conference. We will be taking pre-registration applications starting next week.

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