Under Covid-19 Lockdown? Get ICNHA Certified!

At the time of writing this over 500,000 people have been infected with the Covid-19 virus and hundreds of millions more are under a guarantee lockdown for their own protection. Henna is by its very nature, a social activity used in large parties or weddings, farmers markets, and all the way down to one on one interactions with clients. But in this time of social distancing, many artists have found their livelihoods threatened, especially with the warmer spring and summer months coming in the northern hemisphere. This outbreak will try not just our mental and physical capabilities, but also our financial stability.

We here at ICNHA want to give those who are being responsible and staying home the opportunity to put that time to good use. As a result, we have agreed to lower the price of the exam to $25 USD in an effort to reduce some of the financial burden and give henna artists away to grow their personal henna growth or give them an additional tool for their business once restrictions are lifted. This price will remain until lockdown restrictions are reduced for most areas.

The benefits of an ICNHA certification allows you to give comfort to many prospective clients and maybe that one little difference that sets you ahead of the competition. Members are listed in the index on our website which helps promote our members and gives clients an index of safe artists in their area. Each listing can be personalized with photos, links, social media handles, and contact information. The ICNHA is also glad to support members by reaching out to venues reported to host chemical henna artists. This way we can give organizers the information they need to properly vet artists. Excess income from exam fees is being saved to have chemical paste claiming to be safe independently tested.

But don’t take the exam lightly. With 100 questions ranging from safe mixing practices, specific scientific terms, and safe business practices; reviewing our study guide is a must. But don’t fret too much, you 15 hours to complete the exam and it is unofficially ‘open book’.

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  1. I am so happy to see such a beautiful initiative. We should all unite to get rid of chemical garbage cones that falsely claim to be natural and that make people who have seen, hurd or unfortunately experienced chemical burning reactions fear natural henna or think its supposed to be cheap and that it comes in different colors!


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