2017 has come to a close and 2018 is still full of endless possibilities! Will one of them be to further your commitment to natural henna practices?

It will be for us! Just as 2017 came to a close our incorporation paperwork finalized and we can begin the process of getting our nonprofit status approved. This will be a slow process and one that is not without cost. So to help cover these new expenses we are raising the exam fee from $25 to $40. This will help cover the costs of incorporating, certifying as a not-for-profit business, and cover new website features.

And speaking of our new website… What do you think?!

Our improved design will streamline the process of getting certified. Before people wanting to take the exam had to wait for a volunteer to email them their exam link. That is no longer the case! Now when someone purchases the exam they get immediate access and can take the exam whenever they wish. No Wating! There will still be a human delay when submitting recipe and photos for review but hopefully, this new design will make the whole process that much easier.

The new members’ list area is also completely redesigned to showcase our members profile image or logo and a new cover photo feature to showcase either their business or artistry.

If you haven’t updated your member listing for a while now is a great time. Take your profile and really make it pop! You can find the update form on the Contact Page – Update Profile.

new layout

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