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  • photo courtesy of www.asiya.khaki.org

ICNHA Will Be At Henna Con

For the first time ever Jen Schafer will be administering to a live group test at this years 2017 Henna Con. In the past, she has offered study sessions but has never let those sit the exam live. Until now. If you are one of the lucky few going to Newbury Park, CA this October and plan on taking the exam in person then please pre-register so we can have enough materials on hand for everyone. Good luck and have fun!


Who We Are

The International Certification for Natural Henna Arts (ICNHA) is a volunteer peer assessment for henna artists to certify they use only natural, chemical free henna and understand the cultural, traditional uses of henna.

What We Do

The objective of this examination is to test and certify a henna artist’s understanding of the fundamental principles of henna, skin, hygiene, safety, culture and traditions. If an artist knows these principles, the artist can more effectively serve a diverse clientele safely, effectively, and sensitively.

Why We Do It

Henna is a beautiful and safe art form, but when used improperly with the use of chemical dyes and questionable mixing procedures, it can be harmful and disfiguring. We only want to insure the safety of the client and artist by ensuring our artists know the best and safest ways to employ their art form.